Metzke is pleased to announce the launch of its new website. As our product portfolio has grown considerably in recent times, our website has been updated. Accompanying our website launch is the addition of our Facebook page, a lighthearted look at our adventures with regular updates of new products and product trials.

Over the coming months we will also look to add more videos of our products which can be found on our Youtube channel. Be sure to check out our new website and follow the links to our Facebook and Youtube pages as well. Special thanks to Glen Moora and the team at Dash Digital for their great work.

The Metzke Splitter

The Metzke Splitter has been released to Production. After 5 years of development, numerous prototypes and testing regimes, Metzke has released what they believe to be the best RC Sample Splitter available to the market. Evident by the fact that all Metzke Splitters in production have now been sold.

With the outstanding sampling test results, the Metzke Splitter has performed exceptionally well in terms of durability. The Metzke Splitter boasts a self-cleaning mechanism preventing sample hang up, drastically reducing lost production time when compared to other splitters.

Testament to this is the final report presented by John and Peta Libby from Digirock. We would like to extend our appreciation to John and Peta as the third party whom provided the testing regime and documentation of results. Whilst not financially rewarded, we have enjoyed sharing your enthusiasm and passion for the continuous improvement in drill sampling technologies.

Digirock Pty Ltd is the premier geological contracting and consulting company in Western Australia. We specialise in the provision of high-quality geologists to the minerals industry, and provide all aspects of geological support, from complete project management and consultative services to the provision of contract geological labour, training and procedure manuals.


The Metzke MakorBreak continues to be most versatile, ergonomic and durable breakout tool used in drilling industry. With the ability to Make and Break joints, the flexibility of mounting to either side of the mast, a safety rating conducted by a third party and the ability to grip from 50 – 210mm, the Metzke MakorBreak is the breakout of choice for all drilling operations.