Metzke July 2017 Drilling for Geology

Drilling for Geology II

Australian Institute of Geoscientists

The Australian Institute of Geoscientists (AIG) is pleased to host the second instalment of its very successful Drilling for Geology conference, first held in 2008. Drilling for Geology II will again focus on the collection and analysis of geoscientific information from drilling.

Metzke will be proudly displaying the latest in Drill Sampling Technology - The Metzke Splitter

Being held at Royal on Park in Brisbane from the 26th to 28th July

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On display will be a working model of the Splitter and Mark and Matt will be pleased to explain the fundamentals behind the design and manufacture of the newest sample splitter available to the drilling industry.

Metzke has spent 6 years developing the Metzke Splitter, with third party testing and a number of field trials producing representative samples on a repetitive basis.

The Metzke Splitter is now truly recognised as a leading sampling device and is made evident by the number of units that continue to be sold globally.

Be sure to catch up with Mark and Matt and discuss how Metzke can assist with your sampling needs.


The Metzke Splitter;

Assumes that the sample feed into the splitter is biased, and uses a patented oscillating distributor to distribute the material evenly over the sample cutters. Will run at up to 300 rpm safely, producing up to 10 times more cuts per sample interval than existing splitters. The oscillating mechanism promotes the flow of material from the drop box, speeding up the sample process. Works equally well in dry or wet sampling Boasts a self-cleaning device preventing sample hang up, drastically reducing lost production time when compared to other splitters.

Early Days

Photo taken during a trial conducted by Ranger Drilling

In the Goldfields

Ausdrill operating the Metzke Splitter with much success on the outskirts of Kalgoorlie

8th World Conference on Sampling and Blending

Metzke recently had the Metzke Splitter on display at the 8th World Conference on Sampling and Blending, where we were met with praise and positive feedback on the development and production of the Metzke Splitter.

We would like to thank all of the delegates for their warm welcome and interest in Metzke's Drill Sampling Technologies

Photo below was taken in Laos where Metzke successfully implemented the Metzke Cyclone w Metzke Splitter assembly to a DR500 drill

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