Rowan McArdle (Machine Shop Supervisor) has reached the significant milestone of 15 years continuous service with Metzke.

Rowan trained as a tool maker in Victoria and utilised his skillset in the automotive industry. Rowan met his wife Janice and moved to West Australia to start a family. Upon his arrival Rowan quickly set out to find employment with a reputable company which had a need for his skillset, fortunately this company was Metzke. Rowan has seen substantial change in the business over the past fifteen years due to the investment in CNC machines, increased capacity due to the business doubling its footprint, and technological advances which have allowed the business to improve productivity through the rigorous testing of processes and tooling within the manufacturing department. Safety has continued to be a high priority within Metzke, this can be seen at operational level due to the safety systems put in place and at a design level due to the engineers including safety needs within their design brief.

Rowan has been instrumental in the acquisition of two Okuma CNC lathes and has taken great pride in training apprentices. While Rowan has encountered many changes in his time at Metzke, he still enjoys the daily challenges he and his team of machinists are faced with. The most enjoyable aspects of the job are being involved in new product development as well as being at the forefront in trialling new innovative tooling which enables Metzke to increase their productivity.

Unfortunately, Rowans fine taste of residence and reputable employment is not complimented by the football team he passionately supports, North Melbourne.

Metzke respects its greatest asset – its people.