Trailer Mounted

RC Sample Trailer Assembly

RC Sample Trailer Assembly

The Metzke™ Sample trailer is a heavy duty dual axle trailer fitted with electric brakes enabling the unit to be road licensed. Featured on the trailer is a Metzke™ Exploration Cyclone offering the operator the choice of splitters to use. An additional Cyclone has been included, this can be used to capture the outside return from the drill collar.

Complementing the Sampling systems, the trailer also includes the Metzke™ Dust Collector  which has a pre-cleaner at the inlet to reduce dust load on filters and to protect the filters from direct water ingress. 4 hydraulic jack legs allow for ease of levelling the sampling system unit when in operation. All of which is powered by the rig through a 15 meter umbilical hose assembly.


  • Metzke™ Exploration Cyclone
  • Outside Return Cyclone
  • Metzke™ Dust Collector
  • Hydraulic load sense control valve operates all skid and cyclone functions
  • Hydraulic Cyclone raise / lower function
  • Hydraulic 600mm Cyclone Dump function.
  • Hydraulic 160 degree Cyclone Rotation
  • 15mtr ‘umbilical’ hydraulic and air hosing for supply from the rig for hydraulic, air supply and electrics.
  • Air reservoir for dust collector and auxiliary air requirements