Exploration Sampling

Metzke™ Exploration Cyclone

Metzke™ Exploration Cyclone

The Metzke™ Exploration Cyclone can be used for all types of RC drill sampling. The Exploration Cyclone has interchangeable sample splitters. This offers the contractor the choice of splitter pending on their clients requirements and the ground conditions.

Features Include:

  • Ceramic lined snail assembly
  • Linatex lined cone assembly
  • Hydraulic Knife Valve
  • Drop Box 60Ltr Capacity
  • Swing out Splitter Carrier
  • Pneumatic Sample Doors

Sample Splitters suited to the Exploration Cyclone include;

  • Metzke™ Splitter
  • Fixed Cone Splitter
  • 3 Tier Riffle Splitter
  • 4 Tier Riffle Splitter