Blowdown Valves

The Metzke™ Blowdown valve is a must have tool when drilling RC, historically Blowdown mode has been achieved through the use of a Blow Down Sub.

With a growing number of drill rigs being adapted to a Multi purpose / RC application Metzke™ has recognised the requirement for an easily retro-fitted and field serviceable blow down valve.

The Metzke™ Blowdown valve has internal valving thus it does not require any external 3 – way valving or unnecessary hosing above or around the rotation head. 

Metzke™ Blowdown Valve

Metzke™ Blowdown Valve

Key Benefits of the Metzke™ Blowdown Valve include:

  • No external 3 way valving required
    Most other Blowdown Valves require an external 3 Way Valve to direct air to the Blowdown or Swivel, this is not required with the Metzke™ Blowdown. Therefore only one air delivery hose is required from the Compressor up the mast to the rotation head.
  • Field Serviceable
    The Metzke™ Blowdown Valve can be serviced in the field and when able to, can be refurbished whilst in place on the Rotation Head. The Blowdown Service Kits include all necessary seals, gaskets and wearing inserts.
  • Retainer type mount for an easy retro fitment
    When mounting the Metzke™ Blowdown Valve, the unit can be turned in any orientation pending on the configuration of hydraulic motors and any other obstructions, and is fixed in position by retainer clamps.
  • Compact design 140mm in height
    The Metzke™ Blowdown Valve is the most compact unit available to the market, reducing the need for extended discharge components.